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James Ladyman is working with collaborator Tomasz Bigaj on Metaphysics of identity, properties and relations in fundamental physics:

"This project explores some basic questions regarding the ontology of fundamental physical theories, such as quantum mechanics and quantum field theory. The focus is on questions regarding the identity and discernibility of quantum objects, as well as some variants of ontic structural realism."

(I am a proponent of the adoption of scientific metaphysics of the kind promoted by Ladyman (the kind that does not involve armchair a-priori conceptual analysis) for the doing of the philosophy of information. This is what is called a meta-philosophical issue.)

Karola Stotz and Paul Griffiths have-at epigentics again. Two fo the leaders in the field worldwide, Griffiths and Stotz are trying to solve problems about the definition of epigenetics, the interplay between epigenetics and DNA science (especially in the context of the central dogma of DNA science), and to characterise epigenetics in informational terms.


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