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The Ethics of AI and Robotics. True Utopia, where no one has to work. The robots manufacture the mat

Unless we let corporates take it all away from us and turn it into massive feudalising profits for a few private owners. Unless we let them market-psychologistically convince us that THEY should own all of the robots that remove the need for 'human resources', and then make us all PAY for the privilege.

What is being overlooked in these articles is the socialist possibility, of course. There is no need to tax robots and their owners to compensate workers who have lost their jobs if:

1. The AI robots are NOT the property of private corporations and private capital in the first place.

2. The Robots/AI are owned by the people and work for everyone - a truly free public service.

In a society that offers free tertiary education (much of this could be delivered by AI/Robots!), and in which the hard labor and difficult/dangerous jobs are done by robots owned by the people and for the people, everyone will in principle and practically be free to pursue such things as extended education, stress relieving rest, and application of their minds to important tasks like curing poverty and disease (and to developing new artistic and creative excellences).

It's the capitalist information-industry model that is archaic, outdated, and essentially feudal. It needs to go, and the robots need to belong to everyone - not just some corporates.

If we don't remove the capitalistic profit centric imperative - which continuously falsely claims that capitalism and freemarket competition is needed for technological advancement (ask Andre Kolmogorov, and the Soviets who launched the first satellite, put the first men in orbit, and put the first rovers on the moon) - then we will end up with a high risk of roboticised slave states and late information age feudalism (we're very close to this now - if we're honest about it).

The information age is the age of the information punk: the person who has many more channels of information, misinformation, and disinformation aimed at them than any other persons in history, but is relatively powerless to control the sophisticated dissemination and abuse of their private data, and even more powerless to penetrate the clamour with a real voice that communicates the true paucity of their material circumstances.

If we allow capitalism to corporatise AI and robots, rather than making them the socialistically managed arbiters of utopia for all (not just for the uber rich, as usual) then we will get what we deserve: a religio-fascist global state where 90% of people suffer lack and struggle, and are policed by AI robot police forces programmed by what may well be psychopaths.


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